Providence, RI 401-739-7788 Westerly, RI 401-739-7039 Massachusetts 1-866-266-0009


Truck & three men $145.00 in RI (Mon -Sat)
Truck & three men $145.00 in MA (Mon - Sat)
Truck & three men   CT (Interstate Only)
Hoisting $40.00 per floor per Item
Upright /Spinet Piano $175.00 with move
Baby Grand Piano $350.00 with move
Commercial Moves $185.00 per hr

The time starts at your door, we have a 2 hour minimum on every move plus we add 1 hour for
travel. It is start to finish PLUS 1 hour for travel. All moves have a 3 hour minimum.
All Massachusetts moves will have a 10% fuel charge added to the end of each move.
A 3% surcharge will be added to all credit/debit card transactions.


Small 1.5 cubic ft. books, heavy pots, small tools, small appliances $7.00
Medium 3.1 cubic ft. toys, bathroom items, dry food items, small lamp shades  $9.00
Dishpacks Ideal for fragile items such as fine china, crystal or stemware $21.00
Large 4.5 cubic ft. pillows, comforters, lamp shades, sports equipment $11.00
Wardrobe (w/metal bar) hanging clothes, blankets, non-delicate items, hanging draperies $15.00
Mirror (medium) large mirrors, framed pictures, glass top tables, $24.00
Newsprint paper keeps your belongings clean and your hands ink-free! $25.00 per 25 lb bundle
Plastic shrink wrap helps keep your furniture clean while in transit $10.00 per item
Tape secure your boxes $3.50 per roll
Paper pads used to wrap items that will be placed in storage or PODS $3.00 per sheet
Hardwood Floor Protector to protect your hardwood floors $100 (up to 4 rooms)

Moving Tips....
  • Don't overpack boxes. A good rule of thumb is the heavier the item, the smaller the box/li>
  • Start packing items you do not need in advance
  • Important legal documents, valuables, and family medical records should be transported by you
  • Do not mix items from different rooms in the same box
  • Label boxes on top and sides. Be detailed!!
  • Pack an essential box - that you will need immediately at your new home and have it packed in a box and loaded last on the truck, so it will be available promptly at your new home.
  • Lampshades should not be packed with newspaper, as the ink can permanently stain the item
  • Boxes must always be taped rather than interlocking the ends together.
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We are fully licensed and insured for all types of moving work.

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